What you need to know about Embedded Software Development


Embedded software is a system created and built with specialized instructions that fill a computer on what to do. The software is embedded in devices to control various system functions.
With the help from the witekio, an embedded software consists of three layers: the hardware, embedded system software, and the operating system(OS).


Software development consists of different types of hardware.

• Processor
The processor is a chip inside an embedded system used to respond, fetch, decode, and execute large tasks. It’s also known as the brain of any system that incorporates software, computers, watches, smartphones, and laptops.

• Memory
There are two types of memory (random access memory) RAM and (read-only memory) ROM. RAM is temporary storage that stores data temporarily, and when the system is switched off, the data gets lost from memory.
ROM is a type of electronic storage built in a device used for storing programs; however, when the system is switched off, the embedded system can still fetch the codes from the ROM memory.

• Power supply
It’s the main component of software development used to provide power to the devices.

Operating system

It’s software that manages the embedded system hardware and provides common services for computer programs. The OS system is essential software that finishes different tasks and sends the results in real-time. Additionally, the operating system is designed to run applications within a specific time and is very consistent.


These are a set of codes written to perform a specific function. In addition, Embedded system software development is a code created in a device using a programming language such as s C+ and C.
The system software may consist of various components depending on the device’s purpose. A good and complete embedded system software should have four constituents: firmware, middleware, application software, and an operating system.

Benefits Of Software Development

Software development is an electronic system that contains several controlling devices. Examples of devices with the software are automobiles, cameras, traffic lights, mp3 audio players, wireless network routers, computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.
The benefits of software development include:

• The embedded systems are small in size; hence they can be carried, used, and loaded at any particular time and place
• They are also easy to use since they are made to perform specific tasks
• They are economical and time-saving because they use less power and the tasks they perform are very accurate and efficient
• Sytems that are embedded with the software development are highly stable and reliable
• They are convenient for mass production hence improves the product quality

Challenges Of Software Development

It’s the most critical aspect of all embedded system development. All devices and systems connected to the internet are currently vulnerable and exposed to a high risk of hacking attacks.

Design limitations
Due to the market demands from designers to pack more processing power and longer battery life into smaller pieces of hardware, there is a surprise increase in competition from the software engineer.
Additionally, this may occur since it has become a difficult task to design smaller pieces of software.

Software needs to be precise and for that stability of a device is of paramount importance. In addition, users demand that their software have a uniform behavior and equal performance quality under all circumstances. However, embedded systems may at times behave in a different manner posing serious risks of cyberattacks.

Debugging is a general issue in any embedded system. As embedded software developers build more connected devices, the amount of time spent debugging will also increase. However, developers should understand all the debugging techniques and possible ways to avoid the increased complexity of connected devices.

There are different ways to connect devices to the internet through WIFI, Ethernet, and Bluetooth bridge. All these forms of internet connections have different advantages and disadvantages along with different software stacks. Therefore, developers should learn and understand the best form of internet connection that gets their hardware working perfectly.


Software development is software that helps in the functioning of most devices in our day-to-day lives. The great innovation from witekio software is also important since it simplifies our daily activities because it is economical, reliable, and time-saving with great production quality.