Everyone is aware that securing a Wi-Fi network is essential. But what are the most effective methods? Here are a few tips that can help you protect your network.

Basic tips

First, you need to change the default password offered by your box provider. Nowadays, passwords in the form of a pronounceable sentence are recommended. According to specialists, the sequence of numbers, letters and special characters is no longer reliable. Then change this password regularly. Then also change the name of your SSID network. It is even possible to hide this name. This does not prevent hackers from accessing your network, but it is a solution that could delay them a bit. Finally, make sure that your router always has the latest updates.

Choose a reliable security protocol

For encryption, choose WPA2-PSK (AES) or WPA3. Be aware that the latter was developed because of the flaws detected in WPA2. According to the Wi-Fi Allliance, WPA3 is now the protocol that can protect a Wi-Fi network effectively, at least for now.

To activate a security protocol, you must connect to your administration space (router or box). By the way, make sure that the password to access this administration space is as complex as possible. Experts recommend at least 12 characters for this password. Also change this password regularly. Make sure that the passwords for accessing the network and for accessing the administration area are not identical.

Is MAC filtering an effective solution?

MAC filtering or Media Access Control is a method used to control the devices that can connect to your network. Almost all routers or boxes have this filtering option. Simply insert one by one the MAC addresses of each device. Normally, unlisted devices cannot access your network. However, you will have difficulty setting up this filter if you have several devices at home. In addition, every time guests request access to your Wi-Fi, you have to enter their MAC addresses into the filter.

All in all, you must remember that no solution is really 100% effective in securing wifi. The methods that have been discussed can only help you delay hackers.